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Pressure Washing

Regular maintenance and power washing of your decks, walkways and driveways can prevent decay and add years to their lifespan.

Driveways and walkways that are covered in mold, mildew or other growth can become very slippery and hazardous when wet. Keeping them clean also means keeping the people who walk on them safe.  If your wood or vinyl deck is looking aged a good power washing can bring its vibrancy and shine back.

Gutter Cleaning

Ideally, you should have your gutters cleaned twice per year; once in spring and once in fall. In fall, you’ll find that the leaves are still relatively dry and therefore easier to remove. The timing of your gutter cleaning project can prolong the life of your gutters and home, as well as prevent further damage.

Unclean gutters can cause a leaky roof and water damage to your home. Hire My Home Solution to clean your gutters and help prevent these issues.

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